Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Surgery Day

Wednesday is the big day! We are packed and ready to go. I know that God has gone before us and He will guide us all (surgeon and everyone involved) through this surgery. I know this has been His plan all along.  I am in awe and still soaking in our adoption journey as well as daily life with this little sassy gem.

Loving her purple sand! We also have pink, blue, and green! Only breaking open one bag at a time though!

(Remember, you are not judging me on the the blue carpet! Prior owners... Oh well, new flooring someday....when the kids are out of college!)

I will be sending updates out through Instagram and Facebook. I am not sure I will have access to my blog to post pictures at the hospital, so it is just easier to follow Insta or fb. I thank you so very much for your prayers! Lulu is such a precious gift. She has adjusted so well to our family and her new life. She sleeps so well, she is growing, she is happy, very very lively, and emotionally very stable. I credit the care she received at Maria's Big House of Hope for over two years as well as her orphanage for the last 5 months before placed with us. She is just a doll and we feel so blessed, and completely unworthy of such a gift. Thank you so much for the encouraging words and prayers. It means so much to have prayer warriors lifting her up.

So grateful,


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