Family Pics:Through the Years

I know there's a lot of pics on this page, but it is also for our own family's benefit too since I have not had the time and office space to put picture albums together for a few years! If you are wanting to see the most recent year(s) those will always be at the end.

With Two: 2004

With Four! 2005



And then, the 5th addition!


Fall 2007: Moved off of the lake...God's leading to prepare us for our future.

Christmas 2007: Prince House


Special Lady, Sandy, mentors me as a wife and mother

Trip to Chicago Summer 2008

Christmas 2008


First "real" Family Vacation
Destin, FL

Fall 2009

Best Buds
(only 2 1/2 mos. apart)

Adoption Day 2009

(See Adoption Celebration Slideshow Below)

More Fall

November 2009
Moved back to our original (small) Pekin home that we used as a rental.
God was preparing us for Ty's job loss and more to our future.

Christmas 2009

Adoption Celebration 2009
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First clue to the easter basket hunt!

 Zack graduation May 2010

 Chicago day trip June 2010

The start to our addition. Trying to make the house bigger for such a large family!
Ty was able to help build it since he was out of work for 9 months. Although small, what a blessing God lead us back here for "such a time as this".

The addition still is not done, but we are working to complete
most of it now, summer 2011. Hopefully it'll be done
 just in time for our daughter to join our family!

 Keliyah's birthday trip to Chicago on the Amtrak.
American Girl Store here we come! First time for all of us!

 Back to school 2010

 Kaden begins pre-school

What we didn't know then is that Daddy would soon be running all of those buses!

 Keliyah turning 9 years old.

 Keri LOVES to straighten her hair! Getting so old!

Buzz Birthday Boy!

Baking day at Aunt Lilyans!

Christmas 2010
We were worried this Christmas with Ty being out of work, but wow, God sure did provide. Odd jobs allowed the kids to get a few things. The kids were so awesome...they had things on their list that did not cost money, but that they wanted more than anything like email accounts and memberships to certain internet games... They were so sweet. The thing is, this was the least they had ever gotten, but one of the most enjoyable Christmas days they have ever had!

The dates below say the 24th, but it was really the 25th. We had our normal devotional time with the story of Jesus' birth, a great breakfast, presents, jam'n to Justin Beiber (Kaden) for 10 hours, and sledding! It was a great day! And, the best part was, God lead Ty to a great job that week!

Truly a miracle and a great Christmas full of TRUE blessings!

12 Years old Christmas Day!

2011: Year in Review

Keri 12 years old January 6, 2011

Kids' Tumbling Recital

Girls also take piano. Coleton too.
Keliyah started playing the flute this year.
Cameron takes drum lessons, and we actually enjoy listening to him play in the house!

Keliyah at her swim meet. Coleton also swims, and Kaden started this at the end of the summer and absolutely loved it! I see many more LONG swim meets in our future!

Keri and cousin Whitney at Starr's baby shower!

With Dad Whitford

With Mom Whitford

Happy 14th Wedding Anniversary! Ate at Alexander's Steakhouse and shopped at Lowes in order to begin the 2nd phase of our house addition.  Hopefully only 1 more phase to go, the whole inside part of the addition!
The outside house and garage part is finally done!
Can't wait to get done so we can spread out and have some room and get organized!

With Ty's new job we only had a few days for vacation this year.
We went to St. Louis and enjoyed 2 hot days at Six Flags.
Hot days=not much line waiting!
 This is up in the arch. I hated every minute of it!
Especially the 4 minute ride to the top!
 The kids loved it, and we could see the Cardinal game going on below.

Coleton is most happy when playing with water. He is truly a water dragon!

Keliyah's 10th birthday.
We spent the day swimming at Lake Whitehurst with friends.

Celebrating with a banana split after hearing that Keri made Edison Poms!
Congrats Keri! She is a 7th grader at Edison Jr. High

Cameron made the Edison baseball and basketball team, but I do not have pictures of that yet. He is also a 7th grader at Edison this year.

Trying out a new hair color. Thanks Mandy! She made me a redhead! Love it.

Back to school...(a little out of order, I know...)
Cameron and Keri 7th graders
Coleton 6th grade
Keliyah 5th grade
Kaden preschool
I know Kaden looks awnry in this picture, he does not only look that way, he gets more awnry every day! He makes me read most of the parenting books I read, espeically the ones about parenting the strong willed child!!!!!!

Coleton and Keliyah attend Washington Intermediate School where I work as a 4th grade teacher. It is so nice that I get to have those years with them there.
Next best thing to staying at home with them! Plus I get to keep tabs on them, which I'm sure they don't like, but they have not complained yet. Coleton is so sweet. He sometimes comes up to my room to eat lunch with me and he leaves me cute notes when I'm not in my room. Always a pleasure to find. He is so sweet!

With my sisters and Dad at our Labor Day Sunday get together at Aunt Lilyan's.
One of the last times we got to spend with our dear
Grandma Holcomb who passed away in October.

 Yep, we continue to grow older....something we have not
gotten use to yet...such is life.
Ty turning 44.

Baking at my dear friend Amy's house.
We had a fabulous time with her 2 daughters Paige and Reagan.
And yes, only a week ago and we've eaten most of what we baked!

More good times to come!!!!

Watch out! 2 teenagers in the house!!!!

Cameron turns 13!
(picture soon to come...I gotta find it!)

Keri turns 13!

Remember, the house is under construction!
Please pay no attention to the red, oh I mean, PINKish cabinets!
Oh well, at least they match Keri's earrings! HAHA