Adoption Resources

A must watch video for all involved with adoption:

This is a must watch for all adoptive families and anyone and everyone wanting to think about adoption.

Other blogs I follow:

These are blogs I check often. They are very inspirational and a true testiment to being obedient to God's calling even if they look or seem crazy for doing what they are doing. What I have learned the most from reading these blogs is that we can never put a cap on what God wants to do through and with our lives. Who am I to say enough is enough. And, who am I to criticize those who hear His voice and calling and choose the difficult road. These blogs remind me that my life is not my own and I am not here on this earth for myself.

More websites:
(some fundraising opportunities here too)
This is a website/resource that can help with many of the challenges that come along with children who come from hard places. I attended this conference in Nashville, it was great. I learned so much about child psychology that I had forgotten from college, and so much more I didn't even know.
Fundraising Resources:

Fundraising can be a misunderstood thing and I use to not know for sure how I felt about it, personally for us. Over the years I have come to view it as a very positive thing since there are many organizations popping up that feel called to help out with adoption expenses. This verifies to me that God does call people to help. Most people cannot come up with $20,000-$30,000 so quickly, so if others did not feel the need to help out, then many adoptions would not take place, consequently leaving many children in orphanages.

Not all people choose or feel called to adopt, but it is still on their heart and they want to be involved in some way. For some people it is to give emotional support and prayer, and for some it is to give monetary gifts. Yet for some it is to take mission trips to orphanages.

Another awesome movement is in the church. There are now more orphan/adoption ministries than ever before. This is because anyone that researches adoption knows it is hard to do it alone whether they need resources, someone to talk to, or help financially.

If you need assistance with your adoption or want to give to an organization that helps others to adopt, I have listed some organizations below. I will add more as I find them.

Ways to get involved with our adoption/Family:

* Please pray for us!!!

*Support Show Hope and Maria's Big House of Hope. They are a wonderful special care unit that our daughter has spent her first 3 years of life at.

* If you feel called to support families that adopt that is great, we know many families who are wanting to, or have begun the process to adopt, so if you are looking to support others we can gladly point you to them.