Monday, January 20, 2014

Turning Four

Wow, it has been so long! I am truly sorry. I have probably provided most updates and information through facebook, but I am looking forward to sharing through our blog again. It may take some time to get caught up! I will start with the most recent events first and little by little work backwards!

Today Lulu (often called Lu), turned 4 years old! (we joke she could have been 4 already! LOL!) She has been waiting patiently for this day to come for several months now. She has gone through 6 birthdays within our family since she arrived  home, so she could not wait until her's came!

 She also could not wait to eat her big iced brownie! She kept picking at the icing and I had to constantly try to cover up her picking!

 Same with the cupcakes! There are some that have huge pot holes on them where she dug her finger nails in time after time! She just could not wait!
  We celebrated with a few friends and family members. What a special time it was finally getting to celebrate with her home! We have sang happy birthday to her picture for 2 years!!! Ty always thought it was weird! But, I insisted on doing it! I am so glad that I did. It made this year that much more heartwarming and special.

We began the night with Chinese food and brought out the chop sticks. I wish I had pictures of that! I guess I can do that when we eat the left overs! I wish I would have offered her chop sticks all of these months! She wanted them right away and used them to eat her low mien. We could not believe it! Did she use them at the orphanage and Maria's? I guess I just thought she used those little ceramic spoons she still uses here at home. If you are still going to China to pick up your precious child, my advice is to bring home some of the training chop sticks they  have there. I wish we would have gotten some.  I'm sure I can find them on the internet...just have not looked yet. She seems to use them well regardless.
 Lulu is absolutely in love with minnie and mickey mouse! She received so many wonderful gifts!

 One  year ago Lulu would look at the pictures of our dog and cat and cry. Then, when she got home and met them she warmed up to them. Today, she acts like she is a cat often and meows to me and wants me to pet her. This electronic cat is so fitting! It purred and meowed at me in the isle of the store, continued to embarrass me as I walked around the store, and then kept me company all the way home! I had to take it out of the box just to shut it off. I knew she would just love this cat! It has not left her arms since!
 She seemed to shy away from the singing, but hung in there. I think she was worried about the candles...
 But daddy saved the day and showed her how to get big breaths to blow them all out.

 Happy Birthday, my precious girl!
With her birthday I also spend time praying for the woman that had to give her up. I am sure it was not easy. I cannot imagine the grief. I hope and pray she is finding healing. I thank her for making the decision to help her baby girl by giving her away. The differences among countries in the world amaze me. To think Lulu could not get the health care she needed without the help of such great individuals and organizations. Then, to ultimately be placed with us to continue her surgeries and care. It is so sad that there must be so many orphans due to health care expenses. If you cannot adopt, I encourage you to find an organization to support that makes it a priority to help children get the health care and surgeries they need. By doing that, you are helping children prepare for their forever families. China does not allow every child to be adopted. If they think the children are too sick, their mind set is that there is no one that will adopt them. They are finding out that is not the case! Many Americans and others all over the world are willing to love and support children with health needs and other special needs. And, for that I am grateful!

Happy Birthday Kynleigh Lulu Love Whitford!

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