Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Blog Name

As you can see I have changed the name of our blog. There are a few reasons why, but mostly for security reasons to protect the life and privacy of our adopted children. Have you ever done a google search of your own name? If not, try it. It's scary!!!! I could not believe the information that popped up! Then do a search of your kids' names....even scarier! So anyway, I know I've been called to share our story, but I also want to do it in a way that protects my children and our family. (thus the removal of our last name) If you know anyone that follows our blog and does not know our new blog name please feel free to pass it on!

Why Blessed Treasures? Because we feel completely blessed in our lives with the treasures God has given to us during our time on Earth, and ultimately knowing they will be treasures we continue to have in Heaven, our children, no matter where they come from on this Earth.


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