Thursday, January 24, 2013

Three Years Old...

Lulu turned 3 years old this weekend. I sure hope she received our care package. I'm hoping the package also triggers them to send us some updated pics soon...

 Even though she isn't here yet I wanted to do something to honor her.  So, Saturday I decided to finally wash her clothes and to coordinate her outfits for China. I have been reading a lot of blogs lately of families currently in China, so I know the typical schedule of events. Each adoption follows the same routine/schedule, the only thing that is different is the province in which the adopted child is from. Most families fly into Bejing or Hong Kong, travel to their child's province for Gotcha Day, paper work, and possible orphanage visit, then they pretty much ALL end in Guangzhou. (where the US consulate is) I also looked up what the average temperatures would be in those places in March.

We are in the last stages. Last week we received our "cable letter" from the National Visa center (NBC). This is a letter sent to the US consulate in Guangzhou. The letter was sent to Bejing so that they will issue us an "article 5" which then allows China to issue our travel approval (TA).  Once we get our TA our appointments and travel dates are scheduled! We are about a month away from that I believe. I am still praying we get TA before the Chinese New Year which starts Feb. 10th. If we don't get it before I know we'll get it right after which should put us traveling end of Feb./beginning of March. So, still about 6 weeks away from traveling. UGH! I just want time to move fast!

Anyway, I coordinated her outfits, mostly 3T, but some 2T as well since I just don't know for sure. She was almost 3 feet tall in November and 28 lbs. I hardly doubt she has gained weight since then since she is now in the orphanage. I could be wrong, but that is just my prediction from things I know... in fact I wouldn't be surprised if she lost some. With her chest measurement I am leaning toward 3t, but taking 2t as well. I will take 1 pair of shoes and 1 pair of slippers, and then we can buy some shoes there or just wait until we get home...I am taking some warm outfits and then some springy outfits since Guangzhou will be warmer, and temperatures everywhere will be getting more spring like. Why do I take so much? Well, honestly, I don't want to spend my time shopping for clothes while we are there. We are going to be too busy and our focus is going to be on attaching and bonding. From the information I get from people that have met her though, I really believe she has been so loved on and will attach to us pretty quickly and easily. I would appreciate prayers for that though!

So, basically she's all packed! Pull-ups (taking underwear too...I have a feeling she is close to being potty trained and if not she's probably about ready) and sippy cups and all! I just need to grab some wipes and then a car seat for when we return! I also would like to take the kids to Build a Bear to create a bear for her. I am also taking some toys and books...things that will help us bond and spend quality time together. I am glad it will be nice enough outside to play and sight see. I guess if we would have traveled in Jan. we would not have been able to do much of that until the end when in Guangzhou.

Here are some pics of a few outfits I'm looking forward to dressing her in...not the greatest pics, but I'm sure you'll see plenty of pics of her wearing them!!!! SOOOOON! (Thank you to my dear friend Amy for a lot of clothes! And, of course Kohl's, Old Navy, and Zulily!)

Also to honor her birthday we made brownies, sang happy birthday, and blew out 3 candles. Ty and the kids always feel a little weird singing to someone who isn't here (had to do it last year too) but we said a prayer for her and I think knowing we are bringing her home for sure soon, that helped!

One of my favorites because Show Hope runs Maria's Big House of Hope where she lived for almost 3 years!

I know everything you are seeing is pink and black! But, there are many other colors I am taking, I just didn't take pics of them! I promise not to dress her
in pink all of the time!!!

This is her red, white, and blue outfit for the day we visit the US embassy in Guangzhou.  This will allow her to become a United States citizen as soon as we touch ground in the US!!!

Her adorable valentine present waiting for her when she arrives. Isn't he cute?
 I could not resist!

The best gift of all this week though was a wonderful email I received from someone we don't even know, but knows Lulu. Let's just say that what I hear about her personality....she will fit in just fine! Especially with Kaden!!!! I can't wait! I am completely humbled that God would choose us to be her family and me to be her mamma! We count all of our children blessings. The orchestrating of this gift though, has left me in complete awe. God is. so. good.


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