Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pray for Monday!

Our agency sent us an email Friday telling us that they possibly expect our TA on Monday and that we could travel March 6th or March 11th as long as they can get certain US consulate appointments. If our TA comes Tuesday or later then our travel date will be a little later in the month. So, we will see! We are hoping for the March 6th travel date since that would put us back home in the early twenties rather than the very end of the month. That really puts me in high gear! I have so much to do! Today I spent way too much at Wal-Mart getting travel type things...I went back through Lulu's suitcase and downgraded what I had. I am trying to refine refine refine and travel as light as possible. You may see Ty and I wearing the same stuff all the time while there! lol! I still have grades to input, report cards to organize, and possible parent conferences to set up. I also need to prepare somewhat for my sub, but I don't think that will be too terrible. I have a lot of help around me! That makes life much easier!

Please pray for our TA Monday! We will get an update regardless, so I will let ya'll know!



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