Sunday, February 24, 2013

Making Progress

We have been making progress Saturday and Sunday! Friday night I made lists....and it was useless to sleep because I was either dreaming of packing or awake thinking of packing. Saturday we shopped for way too much traveling stuff. It cost so much  just getting what is needed to travel! Oh well, ALL worth it! Thanks to friends that have done this before I found out many reasons why we should take duck tape, and I was a Ziplock bag queen for an hour!  I also learned how to update our blog through email because we will not have access to many websites while in China. They block most sites including blog sites, Facebook, and You Tube.

Sunday after church we ventured out to Build-a-Bear and the kids had so much fun creating a bunny named Sunshine (for Sun Lu, Lulu's Chinese name). Sunshine will also be styling in the new clothes they picked out for her once Lulu has a chance to dress her! We will give the bunny to Lulu when we meet her. Hopefully this will break the awkwardness she may be feeling. Victoria Secret also became my best friend for about an hour as I picked out enough underwear to last the whole trip! So thankful they let me use coupons that don't start until Tuesday! So, it has been a productive weekend and tonight I will hit Costco and put all my grades into Skyward. I graded papers last night while watching a movie with the family! And, sub plans will begin tomorrow, we ARE making progress! Below are some pictures of the packing progress and of Sunshine!

Thanks for your continued prayers!

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