Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Got our TA!!!

We are so happy today....we got our travel approval! Now our agency has requested a US consulate appointment so once we have that they will give us our travel dates. They are predicting we will possibly travel between March 13-15, so that would put us arriving back home right before Easter hopefully. The consulate appt. takes place at the end of the trip because it is what allows Lulu to become a US citizen. She will be a citizen of the United States of America as soon as we land back in the US.  So, whatever appt. they give us we will get Lulu about 10 days or so before our appt. I will keep you posted! Thanks for the prayers!!!! Keep praying all the way through our trip! I pray everything goes SUPER smoothly....everything from customs at the airports to attaching for Lulu. Please pray for her so that she will adjust and her fears will not last past the first night! :) I sure hope she has seen our pictures so we look familiar to her! I created a photo book for her last night that I will take with us for her to look through so that many family members look familiar to her already when we get back home.

Blessings to you all too!


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