Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A New Day

Today is a much better day. Some days I feel so totally attacked. Yesterday was one of those. It was a cold day, they usually are for me when these happen, and they are usually during a time when I had been feeling strong and full of faith. (I come to expect these now when God has been either using me or getting ready to do something in our lives) All I wanted to do was crawl back into bed and think of all I need to happen, or all I need God to do for me.  Fortunately now though, I have been learning what to do to combat the enemy. Yesterday, a warm shower helped and my praise music cd I made to listen to every morning.
This morning I woke up around 6am with a statement clearly on my mind. This NEVER happens, and I was so grateful for it this morning. I awoke with "die to yourself" as my only thought. I know that sounds weird to many of you, but to me it was what I needed to hear. Our family has been struggling with some major kid issues this fall, and I have been trying so hard to learn how to handle them. God called us to adopt, but he never said it was going to be easy. Most wonderful and worth it things in life aren't. It is my job every day to teach all of our children God's way to walk this life. Even though my desire is to pass on a good legacy, I can honestly say that not all moments I am proud of. My attitude on some days just simply stinks. I don't always handle the issues we are facing well. I have been asking God how to continue to handle the issues without killing the relationships.

Today was His answer to me. DIE TO YOURSELF, get rid of your ways of handling things, and look to me every single second of the day, especially when confronting the issues. Of course I already knew these things, but I have struggled putting them into practice lately. Now though, with hearing a direct answer, I know I can do a better job, and not on my own strength.

Another thing that was really great is yesterday morning my devotional was about Revelation 8:4 and how our prayers go up to the throne of God in heaven. What an encouragement the morning after I felt the urgency to pray for Lulu's paper work and our match. Thank you for all of your prayers too, God hears them.

Why do I share this stuff with you? Maybe you are going through the same feelings. I follow some very encouraging blogs and what I learn from others helps me dramatically in my life. I also have a few ladies in my life that I have learned so much from... I pray God is using me to help you too.

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