Friday, July 1, 2011

"Something So Beautiful"

Please pray for LuLu, that her file will make it's way to Chinese Children Adoption International, the CO based agency that we are working with to complete our adoption. If she is meant to be a part of our family, I know God will work everything out. She sure has captured ALL of our hearts (even Kaden's!), and it has been something beautiful to SEE. (if you don't know what the SEE is, read MaryBeth Chapman's book.)

My heart leaps from my chest every time I see her!
Lord God, we pray that you would allow LuLu's paper work to land at CCAI and that your hand orchestrate every part of her adoption. Ultimately I pray for her health, keep her safe, and allow her to be a part of a forever family that absolutely loves and cherishes her. Thank you for allowing us a glimpse into her life. Even if she does not make her way to our home, she has made a way into our hearts and has opened our family up to another special little addition  that we desire to love so very much. Thank you so much for the excitement our kids' have displayed over this despite their concerns. They are truly learning and starting to understand how to be obedient to you even when they have some fears about some of the process and waiting so long.
 (and how Kaden will treat his little sister!!! LOL!)
Thank you for this opportunity God,

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