Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Just 14 Hours Away

Well, it's finally here! Lulu here we come! Tomorrow morning we fly from Peoria to Detroit and then leave Detroit around noon to fly to Beijing. We will get to Beijing around 1:30 AM your time, but there it will be 2:30 PM. We will try our best to get on their time as fast as possible...I will update as we can. From other blogs I have read we should be able to update regularly, but there will be times when the internet connection will not be great. Thanks for all of the encouraging words and for all the hugs today at work! Thanks to our family for helping out with the kids!

For many of you, this will be the first you have seen Lulu if you don't follow us on Facebook...thanks for following our journey! Our hope is that God will use us to encourage you in some way.

We love you Kynleigh Lulu Love Whitford! Only 6 more sleeps and we get to meet you for the very first time! I have been dying to find out what her little voice sounds like! Can't wait!

For anyone who questions adoption please read this blog. This mom shares the perspective of her children about living in an orphanage. It is just heartbreaking but inspiring at the same time! And, no, we don't plan on being a "mega" family! But this family is amazing. 


(she wrote it in a 2 part response to someone's question, so you may have to 
scroll down her page to find the first response to start with.)

Today a co-worker said "ok, so this is your half a dozen! Are you done?" I never thought of it that way! HALF A DOZEN! Love it!

Hey, isn't everything CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN?????

God Bless you all and THANKS for all of the encouraging words and prayers!!!!


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