Saturday, June 9, 2012

Just a Little Update....It's Been So Long!

I just wanted to put out an update because I know ya'll have been wondering what's going this past winter we believe Lulu's paper work really got going. (from things we have been told by our agency) We are hoping that sometime in June or July we will hear that her file has landed into our agency's hands.  In the meantime God has been aligning our hearts with a new idea we had never before considered. I feel like it's a little premature to go indepth, but we ask that you pray for us as we continue to hear God's voice in all of this.

We are still persuing Lulu, and on days God just knew I needed a little lift he allowed me to see more pictures of her I had never seen enjoy! She's such a doll and will fit in just fine with our family. Ultimately though we know at this point that she's still not designated to us.  We continue to pray that God's best will work out for us all.

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erica said...

Hello, we too have a 2 year old son at MBHOH waiting for us. I fell upon your blog and thought I would connect. Hope we can have some time to chat about your trials and tribulations, our kids location and your up coming travel. My email is Thanks for your time, your daughter is precious! We have a Lucy that we call lulu. Fabulous name.