Friday, February 3, 2012

Dossier To China!

Well, our dossier has been sent off to China as of yesterday, 2/2/2012! I found out today. We should hear within a week or so that it has made it, and hoping we get a "Logged In Date" LID so very soon! I hear that is an important date!

I have emailed our agency to see if they can find out where Lulu's paper work is, so prayers would be great that we would be able to find out, and hopefully they are on the right track too. I know that since God IS in control, everything is going according to His will!

Meanwhile, I have been following a family's blog that is in China RIGHT NOW! It is so neat to watch and hear their daily story. What is so crazy is that I can tell from their timeline that they started the process around the same time we did! They are already in China!

I believe we would also be getting ready to travel if Lulu's paper work had been prepared last spring/summer like we were originally told. BUT, God has had different plans than I have had, and that is absolutely fine! We HONESTLY would not have been ready! The extra time has allowed us to continue paying for this with our monthly income and taxes, instead of fundraising and appying for grants...(which we think are great avenues for families wanting to adopt, we just didn't want to have to do that and take away from families to receive what they need) AND, we have decided to try and take our 3 boys with us, IF we can swing it. (hence, the urgency to cut our grocery bill by $400 a month!!!!! Hey, I did it in Jan!) SO, only time will tell! AND, God already knows the story. (Don't worry the girls will get to go another time, YES, I said another time. We (ehem, TY) does not believe God is done with our family! But, I sure hope there is a break!) Hey, maybe you can go with us! Get on the plane folks!

Here is the blog address I told you about in case you want to see this family's journey to China too. It is truly fascinating!
(They've gone private, so if you want to view trips to China go to this website I will list below):

Maybe you wonder why you should get on the plane with us? Read: Message From an Unknown Chinese Mother; Stories of Loss and Love

Basically you will be totally dumbfounded by the millions of girls that have been...just read it!

God is so GREAT, His love endures forever. I just feel that so much right now. He cares about these children, and He will find a home for them. He looks for those and blesses those that will say YES!

Blessings! Have a great Super Bowl weekend!!!!!

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